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    The New Standard for Production Accounting

    Upgrade to a new level of simplicity and efficiency with the industry's only all-in-one app for film production accounting and payroll.


    Better Tech.
    Better Service.

    Built by production accountants and backed by responsive service from our team of experts, our all-in-one app is the most flexible and efficient solution available. It’s time to eliminate the paper pushing, printing and filing, needless data entry, importing, and exporting... experience a new level of productivity with digital approval flows, access to data that is always in sync, and easy customization to suit the way you work.

    Everything you need. All in One App.

    Designed for large-scale film and episodic productions, our secure, paperless solution streamlines processing and saves everyone time.

    Accounts Payable

    Manage payments to vendors and crew through a single streamlined app.

    Crew Expenditures

    Monitor every crew expense, all in one place, to stay on budget.

    Purchase Orders

    Create, track, and manage purchase orders with smooth and easy efficiency.

    Crew & Cast Payroll

    Onboard large crews faster, post payroll directly to the General Ledger in one step, and easily manage approvals week to week.

    We’ve redefined the industry standard

    One app is better for cast and crew payroll and production accounting. Here's why…

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    Centralize functionality within a single all-in-one app

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    Improve visibility and eliminate additional cost trackers

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    Access filtered and customized data at your fingertips

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    Leverage streams of filtered data at any time

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    Communicate with approvers and easily see backup

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    Control your productions like never before

    Other Accounting Options


    Multiple programs that impede workflows and don’t integrate


    Poor transparency that makes cost tracking a pain


    Minimal reporting options that limit visibility


    Scattered sources of data that have to be pieced together


    Time-consuming approval flows that can’t be customized


    Outdated technology that restricts control and productivity

    Set up your next show with GreenSlate

    Optimize your workflow with the only all-in-one app from the number one service provider in the entertainment industry.

    See a Demo

    I love the GreenSlate platform! Being able to open multiple tabs is a game changer, but the real benefits come when you see how much it reduces your workload. The time saved by having a general ledger that you can search and edit blows me away - say goodbye to 99% of your journal entries - and that's really just the tip of the iceberg!

    Meghan Russell

    Accountant, Slumber Party - Jax Media/Disney

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