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    Custom Integrations

    When data seamlessly flows between systems, your organization can operate more efficiently and make real-time informed decisions.


    Tailored to your specifications

    Automate processes, enhance your reporting capabilities, reduce human errors, eliminate manual data transfers, and save time with our API or SFTP solutions. We create the most advanced payroll and accounting data feeds in the industry for studios, production companies, and businesses of all sizes. Our data transfers enable teams that work across multiple systems to:


    • Manage employee onboarding, time and attendance
    • Monitor and facilitate accounting transactions
    • Access financial data and create custom reports

    GreenSlate integrates with:

    One app. Multiple capabilities.

    Our all-in-one app streamlines the entire start work process. Spend less time on manual processes and more time getting things done.

    Secured Centralized Data

    It’s all secure and in one place. Attach files and comment threads, and create start work packets with signatures as needed.

    Customizable Approval Flows

    Set up your approval process to meet your production's unique needs and let your team work the way they need to work.

    Enhanced Workflow Visibility

    Get better data visibility while easily tracking approvals, pulling reports, and monitoring your workflows — all in one app.

    Ensure Data Accuracy

    Send offers with predefined rates and titles. Scale rates auto-populate start forms and validation for rates ensures they are not below scale or minimum wage.

    Become a GreenSlate API Partner

    Make your software more robust, feature-rich, and streamline by integrating it with the industry’s leading production office solution