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    Background Payroll Services

    Managing payroll for background actors has never been easier with GreenSlate and Everyset. Seamlessly integrated, to simplify all your production payroll.


    Go fully digital on set with GreenSlate and Everyset.

    Onboard your background actors, add and track their times, and submit their payroll with Everyset. Send out start paperwork to your background actors for digital signatures, with real-time status updates and PDF downloads. Digital timecards and eSignatures with built-in union and non-union calculations make it easier to add, track, and approve times. All payments are issued through GreenSlate, and all background payroll is visible in real time in the GreenSlate app.

    Paper free, simple as can be.

    With increased speed and accuracy, you'll always have the crucial information at your fingertips, regardless of your location.

    Go Digital

    Receive digital start paperwork, digital vouchers, and automated production reports.

    Instant Access from Anywhere

    Get the information you need quickly from any mobile device. No wifi? No problem - use our spreadsheet features to work offline.

    Full API Integration

    Seamless integration between GreenSlate and Everyset means background payroll flows from onboarding to final edits without a hitch, with a dedicated team to assist you along the way.


    Explore Everyset’s casting services

    Experienced, local casting partners

    • Nationwide network of casting directors
    • Gain access to our database of over 100k background actors
    • Dedicated background support team
    • Use as a stand-alone service or with our digital vouchers

    See how we make managing background payroll easier

    We would love to show you and your team how Everyset, in partnership with GreenSlate, can work for you!