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    Green Initiatives

    There is a better way. Our customers depend on it, so does the environment. And day after day, production by production, we’re committed to sticking to it.


    It starts with the belief that what’s good for the environment is also good for businesses — and the people who run them. Our digital solutions offer significant productivity gains, reduce labor time, and improve accuracy, from the moment a production starts work through delivery. Every step that goes digital is one less wasteful step backwards.


    To us, a smaller footprint is a bigger success.

    See how we can help green the Production Office.

    Explore Our Digital Solutions


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    Everything you need for a crew member to start work: ALL the forms, signatures, submitting and tracking and NO paperwork.


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    Create PO requests from your mobile device on the fly. It’s simple, fast and efficient.

    No More Petty Cash

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    Stop using cash and eliminate paper petty cash envelopes full of receipts. Get the best expense controls in the industry.

    Mobile Timecards

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    Copy down day or whole timecards, quick grossing and batching with custom approval and processing flows.

    Online Payroll

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    Simplify your payroll management, save time and money with the industry’s most intuitive platform made for the business of production.

    Cloud-Based Accounting / Record-Keeping

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    No more digging through boxes to find transaction backup. Easily attach scanned documents to transactions.

    Reports on Demand

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    Quickly access all available data, using powerful filters, drill down, and right click to easily access information. No printing necessary.

    Direct Deposit & E-Vouchers

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    Go Paperless with eDelivery of statements and access to complete personal payroll history for your crew.

    Engage with other leaders in sustainability.

    Together, we can make change happen.

    See How GreenSlate Can Save You Time

    Save time, reduce errors, and streamline the business of production with GreenSlate's all-in-one app. See a demo today and experience our app for yourself.

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