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    Seamless, efficient multi-country production payroll.

    We offer a seamless solution for productions in the UK and Australia by leveraging our integration with TPH Global. Our joint services and industry expertise ensure productions can focus on their creative work, while we provide comprehensive payroll and production accounting services and software.


    Boasting over 25 years of expertise.

    TPH Global is a premier payroll service provider for UK and Australian film and television production. Catering to projects of all scales, from successful TV shows like The Bachelor to major box office hits like The Great Gatsby and Superman Returns, TPH Global offers a tailored approach to payroll processing, acknowledging each project’s unique needs. The company's advanced payroll technology seamlessly handles timecards, overtime variations, penalty calculations, and fringe distribution, ensuring accurate and timely payrolls.


    A shared dedication to customer service.

    Working with GreenSlate and TPH, your production can expect the best… unparalleled flexibility and control along with unbeatable service and support from industry experts. Our commitment and focus on excellent customer service is fully evident in our digital solutions, customer support, and a commitment to continuous improvement ultimately relieving clients of payroll-related stress.

    Set up your next international show with GreenSlate and TPH Global.

    Working across borders is easier than ever. Contact us to see how we can help optimize your workflow and manage your multi-country production.

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