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    How To Choose A Payroll Provider: The Top 4 Qualities To Look For

    There are many variables that come into play when you choose a payroll provider for your production. 

    As a producer with 20 years of experience I’ve narrowed down four key qualities you should look for when considering a payroll provider for your next production. 

    #1: Everything in one place 

    In today’s digital world of payroll it is ideal to have an all-in-one solution that includes startwork, timecards, p-cards, purchase orders and check requests.

    Most payroll companies offer several different vendor tools to track and manage expenses which I’ve found ends up confusing the crew and slowing down the process of inputting data for the accounting team. 

    Since as a producer I rely on accurate and timely data to ensure our project will be on time and on budget, I need a payroll company that has the tools to keep pace with production.

    #2: Actual, real, helpful customer service and support 

    Whether for a producer, accountant or crew member, access to a qualified human when you are setting up your workflows or having a technical problem is key. 

    Because technology can be confusing and frustrating at times for some people.

    Most of us in production do not have the luxury of time to research help desk articles or watch Youtube tutorial videos. 

    Producers need to solve problems quickly

    Having the ability to speak with a knowledgeable and helpful support person to fix our problem provides the assurance that no matter what happens we’ll be able to get back on track. 

    Additionally, tools for crew members to get help on completing their startwork, or setting up direct deposit without slowing down the accounting staff keeps the processes flowing and empowers all of the team to work efficiently and effectively. 

    When you’ve got quality customer service helping you get up to speed with those tools, it is a winning combination. 

    Mix in client training with customer service support and it becomes an investment in long term success.

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    #3: Customizable workflow and reporting 

    Every production has different requirements and needs. Working with a payroll provider that embraces the nature of the ever-changing world of production – that has built in tools to customize your workflow and reporting – will have your producing team, accounting team, and crew members feeling understood and respected.

    #4: Superior and evolving tech 

    Providers investing in their technology are good partners. A payroll provider that constantly improves their app and streamlines their backend tools will decrease frustration from your team.

    Productions are always looking for ways to reduce the time their crew members spend on digital paperwork, which results in more time spent focusing on their creative talents. That’s how amazing content gets made. 

    ✅ Build the consensus around these qualities

    The payroll provider you choose for your production affects many aspects of production from the producers, talent and their agents, crew members and tax incentives.  

    So it's imperative to include the executive team along with the accounting team in any final decision about which payroll provider to choose. You want to consider these main qualities from multiple perspectives, and their experiences can help you as a producer make the most informed decision for your project.

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    Claudine Marrotte

    Claudine Marrottee is a Producer / Filmmaker with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She is a member of the Directors Guild of America and credited as Producer for 23 titles.

    November 15, 2023

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