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    Remote and Digital Solutions for Production Offices are Here

    As the COVID-19 situation evolves, more productions are working remotely, or limiting the number of people working in the same place. Now more than ever, production offices can benefit from being able to collaborate from different locations, without paper or trips to set. 

    GreenSlate’s platform not only makes this possible, but makes the transition from paper processes to fully digital and customizable workflows seamless so that your team doesn’t miss a beat. 

    Designed by production accountants for production accountants, GreenSlate works the way you work, and a fully digital production office is more efficient, secure, and saves you money by integrating your production accounting and payroll on one digital platform.

    • Cloud-based production accounting solutions such as AP check runs, PO’s, and GreenSlate Prepaid Visa® cards provide seamless expense management with fewer trips to the office.

      AP check runs are completely remote; you can approve payments and print checks with digital signatures.

      PO’s eliminate trips to the office to submit forms or to photocopy documents for each folder. All files are accessible through the cloud.

      And with GreenSlate Prepaid Visa® cards, your team no longer needs to physically pick up cash. They can make online purchases, schedule deliveries, and manage expenses from anywhere.

    • All digital production payroll allows you to capture and manage all the information you need, all in one place, with digital start work and digital timecards. Plus, you can easily see where a document is in the approval process and see who still needs to take action on outstanding items.

      Crew members can complete digital start work and set up direct deposit immediately at the time of hiring for a production without stepping foot on set, fill out timecards anywhere, at any time, and access all their pay stubs and tax documents through the GreenSlate app. 

    • Digital approvals with history tracking allow you to collect all signatures digitally, add notes, and stay in the loop with notifications throughout the production process when items need your approval.

    • Customizable approval flows allow you to tailor approval flows for your production’s specific needs. Set rules for approvers, by person or by role, and indicate the order of approvers, whether an approver can be skipped, and who needs to sign.

    Accessibility is everything. We design each feature of our software to allow you to access the information you need, when you need it, from greenlight to delivery.

    Learn more about our digital production payroll and production accounting solutions, or request a demo.

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