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    All-in-one production accounting and entertainment payroll web app now available from GreenSlate.

    Learn how television and film production offices will benefit from GreenSlate’s new all-in-one application.


    We’re  excited to announce the release of our fully web-based payroll and production accounting platform. GreenSlate is built on the most modern tech stack; it’s one application, with one database. 

    The release completes the migration of their highly successful desktop production accounting application to a fully web-based app, the only all-in-one app available in the market that offers end to end digital solutions for production finance. 

    "Other platforms in our space are built on older technology. They stitch together their various in-house solutions  with acquired software products to try and provide everything. This approach limits the platform’s functionality and the user experience suffers. Our approach prioritizes the user experience, efficiency, and access to data. We enable our users to work the way they want to work from anywhere, on any device,” said Andrew Lundgren, CTO, GreenSlate.

    With GreenSlate, everything is now completely accessible via mobile and desktop, without the need for virtualization software like Citrix. Users have one login to access everything they need for production payroll, film and tv accounting and more. 

    The GreenSlate platform delivers:

    • Cast and crew payroll, including start work, timecards with built-in hours-to-gross tools, and self-service employee access to pay stubs, tax documents, and more.

    • Cloud accounting modules, including POs, Petty Cash, PCards, and Bill Payments.

    • Highly efficient remote capabilities, which eliminate unnecessary contact. Set custom approval flows by person or by role. Capture digital signatures with history tracking and notifications.
    • In-app training tools make it easy for productions to manage and track staff training. Users can create custom training or use the built-in trainings for sexual harassment prevention and COVID-19 certifications.  

    • Enterprise solutions with cross-project dashboard views and numerous API integrations for data feeds to corporate systems.

    “Productions can process all of their film and tv payroll and do all of their accounting without one piece of paper. This is more important than ever considering how the film industry has been impacted by the pandemic. We didn’t suddenly realize we needed to go paperless to solve the problems producers are facing today. Our platform was built for the way the industry needs to work now,” said William Hays, CMO, GreenSlate. 

    GreenSlate’s solutions are designed to help film and television producers around the globe adapt to working remotely. Watch our 8 minute demo here to see how our app and digital workflows allow you to save time and work more efficiently. 

    GreenSlate services U.S. and international productions from its offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Atlanta, Albuquerque, and New Orleans. 

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