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    Ready For Rush Approvals? Of Course You Are

    You never know how much you appreciate having the ability to do rush approvals until you have the ability to do rush approvals. 

    Let me paint a picture for you...

    It’s 10:00 am on Monday morning and the production office is quiet. The producers and department heads left early for an all day tech scout. There are even a few remaining breakfast sandwiches in the break room.

    I grab a coffee and a sandwich, but then the peaceful morning is interrupted by the location manager. She just dropped off a rush check request and needs the check by lunch to secure the shooting location for tomorrow.

    But all of the approvers are unavailable! How can we possibly deliver on this tall ask by location?

    Rush approvals & digital check signing, that's how. 

    We at GreenSlate understand the importance of being able to work while away from the office.

    The ability to approve on the go from any mobile device is a real game changer.

    Our rush approval process can alert the approvers no matter where they are, and approvers will get an alert that something requires immediate attention.

    They open the app and see the rush displayed in orange, and with a click the check request is approved.

    That coupled with the ability to digitally sign the checks remotely and have them printed in the accounting office turns those tall asks into short ones.

    Impossible deadlines, made possible, courtesy of GreenSlate.

    See how to do rush approvals in GreenSlate here

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    Brett Gantt

    Brett Gantt is Senior Vice President, Head of Accountant Relations at GreenSlate. Gantt has over 20 years of production accounting experience with industry-leading content creators from studios to streamers, including Netflix, HBO (now Max), and ABC, and most recently independent powerhouse A24.

    October 24, 2023

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