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    Create POs, Manage Vendors, Track Purchases, & Simplify Purchasing With One App

    It’s time for a faster and easier approach to managing your purchasing workflow.

    GreenSlate purchase orders provide many features competitors’ solutions can’t with the industry's only all-in-one app for production payroll and accounting. POs are built into the platform, ensuring that your data is accurate and available in real-time. The app reduces data entry, improves information accuracy, and saves time, all with greater security.

    Extensive reporting options are also available and it’s easy to view and report on open balances, which transactions draw down POs, and uncommitted POs. In addition, flexible and customizable views and export options allow you to see the data you need, in the way that you need it.

    Accounting transactions

    Committed POs can be used on any transaction type. The PO PDF and associated backup are automatically added to the transaction PDF for simplified auditing and research purposes. 

    POs cannot be used on all transaction types. Status changes and updates to POs made in the accounting system do not update in the PO system.
    Approval flows

    Flexible e-signature-compliant approval flows with audit history. Conditional approvals based on department and PO amount are also available.

    Each department or division requires its own approval flow setup and there are limited customization options.

    POs use the same COA and account codes present within the accounting system. GreenSlate’s all-in-one app ensures data can never be out of sync. Also, vendor default coding is automatically applied to POs.

    Require Excel setup documents to be completed. The chart of accounts and codes can easily get out of sync when working with multiple systems.

    Data management No need to export POs to another system. They’re already within the accounting platform. The data is always accurate and available in real-time. Must export PO data and then import into an accounting platform. Requires synchronization and reconciliation to address discrepancies. Data delay due to export/import process.
    Vendor notification
    POs can be emailed to vendors on demand or automatically from the software upon full PO approval. Limited capabilities to send emails automatically.
    Terms and conditions Custom T&Cs can be attached to any purchase order. Additional fees may apply.
    API access Modern API allows access to all PO functionality, allowing rich two-way integrations and access to data in real-time. Not available.

    Purchase order reports Extensive reporting options are available in our all-in-one app. It is easy to view and report on open balances, which transactions draw down POs, and uncommitted POs.
    Separate PO and accounting systems means data quickly becomes out of sync and less accurate. Reports can’t pull from both the PO and accounting systems at the same time, so they’re limited in which data they have access to.
    Custom views The PO page can be fully customized, allowing the user to set which columns are displayed, as well as adjust their order and filtering options. Custom views can be saved for future use and are exportable to PDF and Excel.
    Not available.


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