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    Five Ways GreenSlate Makes Production Onboarding Quick and Easy

    Producers and accountants are often surprised by how quickly and easily GreenSlate can set up payroll.

    1. Getting your production up and running fast is a priority

    We can get your production ready to run payroll within 3-5 business days, if not sooner.

    Our process is completely digital and only requires your e-signature. We streamline the flow of information, verify the budget, and load everything into the chart of accounts properly the first time.

    2. Our experienced conversion teams do the work

    We understand your business and are experts in all of the production accounting platforms. We have a proven model for converting production companies to GreenSlate and we’ll convert the data from your current platform to ours—just put us in touch with your accountant and we’ll take it from there.

    3. We value our relationships 

    GreenSlate has the most sought-after, responsive paymasters in the entertainment industry. Whenever possible, we will honor your requests to work with your preferred GreenSlate team members whom you’ve worked with previously. Advance notice helps, so please let us know your upcoming production dates as soon as possible.

    4. We have options to meet your needs

    With GreenSlate, you have multiple options for funding, managing, and distributing your payroll. How would you like to handle payroll funding? ACH debit, wire transfers, or drawdown deposits? Simply decide which option works best with your schedule. You can also go paperless with digital timecards and startwork—the easiest, most efficient way to manage your production payroll. Which payroll distribution option works best for you and your location? You can choose on-site check printing, check pick-up from a GreenSlate office, or employee direct deposit with online paystubs.

    5. We save you time

    We know your time is valuable—and so does our software. Our production accounting and payroll software is user-friendly, intuitively designed, and built for speed. You can easily access and filter your data without running reports, saving you hours each day.

    Dissatisfied with your current payroll provider? We can seamlessly help you make the switch.

    Consider this real-life example: A producer on a tier two show is about to process IATSE payroll week one, but it’s not going well. The producer is extremely frustrated, “The onboarding experience took three weeks, and the accountant is not happy with the software.”

    In this case, the producer transitioned to GreenSlate at 6 pm on Wednesday. The accountant completed the onboarding forms online that evening. On Thursday, GreenSlate got the show completely up and running. Edits were approved and funds were wired on Thursday, and checks were cut on Friday. While this isn’t our standard process, in a pinch, we deliver!

    If your current experience is less than ideal and you’re considering a switch, contact us. It’s never too late to make a change.

    To learn more about how GreenSlate can optimize the payroll process for your next production, contact us or request a demo.

    This information is distributed with the understanding that the publisher is not rendering legal, accounting, tax or other professional services. If legal advice or other assistance is required, an attorney, CPA or tax advisor should be consulted.

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