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    Covid-19 Health and Safety Tools for Managing Productions

    First,  we created a fully digital one app solution so you can ditch the paper and work remotely. Now, we’re taking it one step further. Meet GreenSlate's Covid-19 Production Toolkit. With our Covid-19 Safety Training and Health Check Modules, we’ve got you surrounded and supported. We're here to help you succeed.  

    Covid-19 Safety Training 

    We’ve partnered with Safe Sets International to provide the most current Covid-19 health and safety training and certification for your cast and crew. The program is integrated into our platform – allowing you to require and track your team’s training as part of their onboarding process. Additionally, if you have training that is specific to your production, we can load that into the platform as well.

    Covid-19 Daily Health Checks

    The Health Check Module allows productions to administer and track an in-app daily health check questionnaire for all cast and crew. You can set and manage requirements around who is required to complete a questionnaire and when a health check is required. The completed forms are tracked, stored, and accessible from the GreenSlate digital platform, so you never have to worry about chasing down or tracking paper forms. Your Covid Compliance Officer or other designated person can see all the health check responses on one dashboard and can follow up with people who have indicated risk.  

    To learn more about how Covid-19 health and safety tools are integrated into the GreenSlate platform and to see pricing, download the Training and Compliance information below.


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