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    Onboarding, Timecard and More GreenSlate App Tips & Tricks

    One app (ours) outperforms all others. We're confident in that assertion, but also understand that for such a claim to ring true, we need to show the nuts and bolts of what makes it true.

    So to that end, we've put together some clips from our recent webinar on Why One App Outperforms All Others that does just that. 

    First up, onboarding. Onboarding in production payroll can be unnecessarily time-consuming if whatever software you're working in doesn't offer enough ways of streamlining your workflow.

    Sometimes... it's the seemingly simple things that can add up and make all the difference when it comes to saving time and being more efficient in your work. Take the "Duplicate Start Form" function in GreenSlate's all-in-one app as one example.

    Listen in and watch as GreenSlate's Digital Success Account Manager Todd Kislig shares how this simple functionality works as it applies to a Re-rate.

    Next up is a pro tip explaining how in the GreenSlate app you have the ability to Re Rate directly within a timecard.

    There's always a learning a curve when you're learning a new system. We recognize this and have built "Walkthroughs" into our software to help guide you along.

    Beyond that, when using GreenSlate for payroll and production accounting, we make it easy to contact us with Live Chat, an easy-to-find help line to call, access to paymasters covering multiple timezones, and more... like team training.

    See what we mean:

    The bottom line is GreenSlate gives you something more efficient to do your job and is there for you along the way.

    These are on a few of the ways GreenSlate makes production accounting and payroll easier. You've got access to the full webinar and you can watch it all here.

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