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    Navigating the Film Industry in the COVID-19 Era

    These one hour expert panel discussions cover various aspects of the business of production in the COVID-19 era. Tune in to learn more about the new normal and how we will face it together.

    May 28  COVID-19 protocols: What will the new normal look like? 

    COVID-19 changes everything - from on-set protocols to stories. How will productions adapt? We explore the changes from several angles with experts managing the logistics on the ground.

    • Jeanette Volturno, Co-Founder, CatchLight Studios
    • Malia Arrington, Executive Director, The Hollywood Commission
    • Sonya J.F. Barnett, Certified Intimacy Coordinator
    • Nancy Nayor, Casting Director
    • Hosted by: Julie Harris Walker, SVP, GreenSlate

    June 11  The evolution of the industry: How are vendors adapting?
    What are vendors thinking about to serve the new normal? What can become digital? What safety precautions are being added around equipment and stages? 

    • Shawn Gillespie, EVP Operations, CASHét
    • Sarah McGrail, Director of VFX Sales, Picture Shop Post
    • Mikel Elliott, CEO, Quixote Studios
    • Kerry LaiFatt, VP, GreenSlate
    • Hugh Calveley, CEO and Co-Founder, Moxion
    • Hosted by: Julie Harris Walker, SVP, GreenSlate

    June 18  How will insurance, bonds, budgets and financing be affected? 
    Once we agree on new protocols, how does that affect budgets? How can you get bonded? What will the new financing models look like if distribution is different? 

    • Liz Jenkins, CFO, Hello Sunshine
    • Steve Berman, EVP of Production, Film Finances, Inc.
    • Nicole Papincak, Attorney, Reder & Feig
    • Adrian Ward, Senior Director, Market Executive, Banc of California
    • Brian Kingman, Managing Director, Gallagher Entertainment
    • Hosted by: Julie Harris Walker, SVP, GreenSlate

    June 25  Making a comeback: Indies or studios? Scripted or reality?
    What types of productions are poised to come back first? Will it be easier for independents to pivot and shoot with smaller crews? How will unions influence the comeback? What will we see more of/less of? 

    • Colleen Bell, Executive Director, California Film Commission
    • Dwight D. Smith, Co-President, Mission Control Media
    • Matt Miller, Owner, Vanishing Angle 
    • Dwjuan Fox, Producer and Founder, Decipher Entertainment
    • Hosted by: Julie Harris Walker, SVP, GreenSlate
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