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    Here's How GreenSlate Safeguards Your Data

    There’s a popular activity at many corporate and team building retreats. You probably know what it is before we even spell it out. 

    Yes, the “trust fall.”  

    The one where the overly-enthusiastic event host chooses a couple of your colleagues to stand behind you and catch you as you fall over backwards, hopefully landing gently into their waiting arms.

    It goes something like this...

    Trust Fall Optimized


    Miraculously, upon catching you, you trust these people. Tears are shed. High fives gratuitously given. Victory cafe lattes are bought.

    You go back to work knowing your colleagues would have your back in your most dire time of need, or at least warn you about joining that boring Zoom call next time. 

    Data retention and prevention of data loss is kind of like that trust fall situation. 

    The top layer might look great at first glance, but if the surface layer breaks and the backups are ineffective or insufficient, where will that actually leave you and your data? 

    ✅ Backups of backups, layers upon layers

    At GreenSlate, our data systems are backed up, with backups for the backups and redundancies upon redundancies. 

    GreenSlate is the partner that won’t feel like a one-off trust fall. You can rely on our layers of backups that are there to prevent data loss. 

    When GreenSlate CTO Andrew Lundgren says, “Our client’s data is important to us. We take that stewardship seriously,” it isn’t hyperbole. He means it. 

    GreenSlate’s technology team is always enthusiastic to dive into the “why” and “how” of it all. 

    If you ask any members of GreenSlate’s tech team, “So, how do database backups and data retention work?” you’re sure to get a thorough answer. 

    They’ll tell you GreenSlate stores and secures database transaction log backups and full backups of the database from the SQL server system.

    They will explain GreenSlate has real-time replication of that data to secondary servers in a different datacenter, and in addition the system runs full server backups of the entire database server daily, with years of data retained and stored in geographically different datacenters.

    They’ll add there are always three backups of the database in three different datacenters to recover the “latest” from.

    As the security and data technology is always changing, they’ll point to additional improvements being discussed such as yet another asynchronous replication of the entire DB server to another disaster-recovery-specific datacenter for even more rapid recovery.

    They’ll tell you how we stay on top of current security updates and how GreenSlate’s database servers run on the newest product and operating system versions, and are architected to improve reliability and performance. 

    But what if a true disaster did strike? One of those unforeseen circumstances like a zombie apocalypse or Netflix canceling season two of Beef ?

    Andrew says, “The system is incredibly robust and demonstrates exceptional resilience in handling any unforeseen circumstances.” An absolute worst case scenario (a big IF), data and systems can be restored in hours not days or weeks.

    Business continuity is of the utmost importance. It is important to you, it is important to us.

    That resiliency is backed up by disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place that are actively reviewed and revised and sit behind the recovery effort. 

    You still might ask, “Alright, sounds good. But how do you validate all of this?” 

    The answer would be with external validation. 

    GreenSlate participates in an annual external SOC2 Type 2 audit. For those who might not be well versed in the security and compliance world, a SOC2 Type 2 audit is the most common compliance process and report used to validate security and compliance controls in a service organization. 

    ✅ Communication is key

    Back to the trust fall analogy for a minute. If you get dropped on the ground, do you blissfully go on about your day like your shoulder wasn’t just dislocated or your head concussed? 


    You need to know what happened, what’s being done to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and who the next folks in line are to catch you should such a first layer failure reoccur. 

    We take pride in our service quality as an entertainment payroll and accounting provider, so if anything we’ve been known to over communicate.

    We know our clients appreciate how we approach communication, our quick response times, and that we regularly provide updates and guidance. Our service quality has been one of the key factors in our continued success

    GreenSlate takes data protection seriously and we will continue to implement safeguards, backups, and redundancies as the digital landscape continues to change, advance, and present new challenges. 

    And you’ll know about it every step of the way.

    ➡️ Learn more about our data protection and security here, watch / request a demo here, or contact sales here.

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