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    5 Ways GreenSlate Makes Onboarding Productions Quick and Easy

    Your shooting locations are confirmed and key actors hired. Now, you’ve got to get your project up and running quickly.

    The challenge? Avoiding payroll setup nightmares and moving at speed while ensuring you stay on schedule and pay your employees on time.

    We’re here to take some of that weight off your shoulders whether you’re a recurring client or a new one.

    All clients have access to the GreenSlate onboarding portal, a one stop secure portal to fill out forms, submit documents, track tasks, and communicate with our onboarding team to easily set up new projects. 

    • If you’re a recurring client, easily keep track of all your active onboarding projects and kick off new projects at your convenience in your dedicated secure portal.
    • If you’re new to GreenSlate, welcome! We’ll email you an invite to your secure portal to begin onboarding. 

    Here’s a bit of what to expect:

    ✅ Everything all in one place

    Easily access all onboarding forms, spreadsheets, tasks, and informational documents, and validate your signature within the portal to complete the onboarding process.

    ✅ Flexible access options 

    Invite multiple stakeholders (e.g. producers and accountants) to manage specific tasks and customize who needs access to what document(s). 

    ✅ Streamlined communication 

    Communicate with our onboarding team directly through the portal throughout the onboarding process.

    ✅ Real time transparency 

    Seamlessly track your onboarding progress and view all submitted, missing, and incomplete forms and documents. Know when documents are approved by our team in real time.

    ✅ Stop and save your progress at any time 

    Stop and start your onboarding process as needed. Log in later and pick up where you left off, eliminating the need to refill previously entered information. 

    Ready to onboard your crew? 

    If your production is ready, so are we... talk to sales now to get rolling. 

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