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    GreenSlate Launches “One App” Production Payroll Campaign

    GreenSlate has launched a new multi-channel campaign to promote digital efficiencies and greener practices for media production. The campaign kicked off March 19th at the PGA Awards Nominees Breakfast event and was highly visible throughout the awards show that evening.

    Ahead of the PGA Awards ceremony, nominees for the Darryl F. Zanuck Award – Todd Black, Philippe Rousselet, Mary Parent, Tim White, Sara Murphy, Tanya Seghatchian, Julie Oh, and Steven Spielberg – took the stage for a panel discussion at the PGA’s breakfast event.

    “We are passionate about encouraging everyone to embrace greener practices. With efficient digital solutions, productions can reduce energy use, use less space, and reduce their physical footprint - eliminating equipment rentals, mailing, and storage, and minimizing paper consumption,” said William Hays, CMO, GreenSlate.

    The pandemic has brought an increased focus to remote capabilities and digital solutions as many productions have pieced together workflows from a variety of systems - electronic signature apps, fillable PDFs, digital approval stamps, third-party document storage systems, etc. - to be able to work digitally. 

    With GreenSlate, things are different. GreenSlate client productions don’t need to find a bunch of applications that “integrate” and talk to each other, because everything is already built all in one app to enable productions to work in an efficient and sustainable way. The GreenSlate application was designed from the start to support remote digital end-to-end workflows from onboarding to post all within one web-based app, with one log-in. 

    “Not only is our one app better for the environment and for day-to-day workflows, but it also provides business continuity in case of emergencies. Should production be shut down for any reason - a pandemic, extreme weather events, etc. - our clients can simply pick up their laptops and go. It’s reassuring to know that no matter what, your production finance team won’t miss a beat and your team will always be paid,” said Hays.

    GreenSlate saw digital adoption and sales surge during the pandemic, with significant growth for the company. 

    Digitizing the back office has been GreenSlate’s vision since the company was founded in 2004, and the company is uniquely positioned to cater to all types and sizes of production - both in the US and Canada. 

    • GreenSlate offers the only all-in-one production finance app, combining payroll, start work, and timecards for all cast and crew, with all the production accounting functionality, expenses, approvals, and reporting. 
    • GreenSlate’s API production data integrations are the best in the industry for real-time data feeds for studios to monitor their productions’ accounting and payroll. 
    • GreenSlate’s application and platform are designed with the most stringent security protocols, which are independently verified to ensure the highest levels of security for customer data and are SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

    “GreenSlate has had great success in supporting production finance teams. With our unique combination of client-first service and innovative technology, we hope to bring all productions the benefits of an all-in-one app, no matter what or where they shoot,” said Paul Cosentino, EVP of Sales and New Business Development, GreenSlate. 

    GreenSlate’s campaign, “One App Is Better,” can be seen on billboards throughout Los Angeles. Throughout the year, digital advertising and events will extend the campaign and further the effort to digitize and “green” the back office for productions. 

    A GreenSlate app demo is available here

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