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    Here’s How We Can Help Your Production Produce Less CO2

    With new COVID protocols on productions, eliminating waste has become more difficult. When you use GreenSlate’s digital solutions - start work, timecards, POs, direct deposit - you directly contribute to lowering carbon emissions, paper production and water usage. It’s that simple.

    By using digital solutions, you reduce your impact on the environment. And with our Eco Tracker, we make it easy to see real time accounting data on how these actions add up over the course of your production.

    Since the introduction of the Eco Tracker, GreenSlate client projects have saved a whopping 1.8 MILLION sheets of paper to-date -- enough paper to stretch the length of Central Park in New York City!

     That also means...

    • 20,674 fewer total pounds of carbon - enough carbon to power an average home for an entire year
    • 606,447 gallons of water saved - enough water to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool

    How do GreenSlate’s digital solutions have an impact across an entire production?

    Eco Tracker Screenshot

    On average, a very small television production (<$2M) can save 1,493 sheets of paper, 498 gallons of water, and 17 pounds of carbon from being emitted, while a very large television production ($50M to <$100M) can save over 31,000 sheets of paper, 10,634 gallons of water, and 362 pounds of carbon from being emitted.

    The production team on Al Gore-led 24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves, which encourages viewers to take action to fight climate change, put their words into action behind-the-scenes with GreenSlate digital solutions and saved over 1,100 sheets of paper, 3,300 gallons of water, and 12 pounds of carbon. Kama Kaina, Executive in Charge of Production, said it was “amazing” that they did not have to print one paper for one timecard, one purchase order, or one crew start form. Learn how the "24 Hours of Reality" team produced a carbon-neutral show.

    As more productions realize the time-saving and efficiency benefits of switching to GreenSlate’s digital solutions, the Eco Tracker numbers continue to grow exponentially. We also take our commitment to a sustainable future and completely paperless workflow one step further by providing record management services that take hard copy production files and completely index and digitize them.

    Digital solutions not only save resources but can also save time and money too.

    • Reduce trips to the production office and eliminate the need for scanners, envelopes, and storage boxes.
    • Access your records from anywhere at any time.
    • Benefit from quicker audit turnaround times for payroll and tax credits.
    We can all do more to lower emissions and protect the environment. Join us in donating to The Sierra Club, a US-based grassroots environmental organization dedicated to defending everyone’s right to a healthy world and fighting for Earth’s natural resources. Reducing carbon emissions is an important part of both our product and our culture.
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