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    Employee Start Work: GreenSlate Features vs. Competitors

    GreenSlate is the industry's only all-in-one app for production payroll and accounting. Start work is built into the platform and designed to get your production team onboarded easily and securely. 

    The app is backed by the most responsive app support available (in-app live chat, phone, and email). Admin and crew training is also available on a standing schedule. The app reduces data entry, improves information accuracy, and saves admins and the cast and crew time, all with greater security. Managers can customize digital approval flows and in-app notifications to see the status of approvals and transactions in real time. GreenSlate start work provides many features competitors’ solutions can’t.

    Coding Robust coding options that sync with the general ledger and eliminate manual input errors. GreenSlate uploads your current Chart of Accounts into your project. Fringe account codes, holiday, vacation, deductions, and locations are not assignable during onboarding. Manually update every offer with the appropriate labor account.
    Approval flows Manage complex approval flows; route start paperwork to department heads, division administrators, or specific individuals. Approval flow setups can be tedious as each department or division requires its own process and there are limited customization options.
    Last minute edits Start work approval flows allow certain fields to remain editable until the last approver signs. Start work admins must recreate a packet to add last minute box rentals.
    Tracking Monitor start packets using advanced tracking grids. Set up custom views to fit your needs or isolate important employees such as minors or loan outs. Grids are often fairly simple and lack advanced filtering functionalities.
    Instant direct deposit
    Employees can set up direct deposit by linking their bank accounts instantly. It often takes days for payroll companies to ingest this data, resulting in employees getting paid via check for an additional cycle.
    Loan out companies Employees can add valid loan out companies in the GreenSlate app. Start work packets dynamically adjust to the employee type, avoiding redos. Employers can control who is able to be paid as a loan out on a project using permissions. Employers must send the employee a loan out start form. If they fail to do so and the employee is a loan out, a new start form must be created.
    I-9 compliance I-9s have a dedicated approval flow, allowing them to be approved faster. GreenSlate can use E-Verify to validate employees’ eligibility to work. Time is wasted chasing the employee via email in order to complete the form.
    Tax withholdings Automatically collect tax forms based on employees' address and work locations, even when they are added mid-show. Start work isn’t integrated with timecards, leaving gaps for missing tax documents and forcing payroll accountants to chase after employees.
    Custom start work APIs Data transfers allow you to manage employee onboarding across multiple systems. Require manual data transfers to work across systems.


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