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    Easily Approve Payments and Sign Checks Remotely with Bill Payments

    Are you still running to the office to approve payments or sign checks? With GreenSlate bill payments, you don’t have to.

    Our bill payments are completely remote - approve payments, print checks with digital signatures, and access check copies and transaction documents directly through the app, without a trip to the office.

    • Customizable approval flows allow you to work the way you need to work. 
    • Notifications keep your team in the loop throughout the process – from when items need their approval to when the checks are ready to print. 
    • Digital check copies and backup PDFs – bills paid, purchase orders, and any documents that were attached to the transactions such as receipts or invoices – which are all available in the app, make information easily accessible at any time.

    To learn more about our bill payments, watch our AP Check Runs webinar or request a demo.

    For more information about our remote and digital solutions, check out our “Remote and Digital Solutions for Production Offices” blog.

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