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    Are You Ready for an All-In-One Production Payroll App? Ask Yourself these 8 Questions.




    Think about it… how frequently have you researched different production accounting software options?

    When we surveyed accountants in 2019, we were shocked to learn that 50% of production finance professionals had either never  –  or only once in the 3 years prior –  evaluated alternative production accounting platforms.

    Since then, things have changed in big ways. 2020 brought a heightened focus on available technology, as crews instantly required greater remote and contactless capabilities. Enter GreenSlate’s industry-leading technology: an all-in-one app that does more (and saves professionals more time) than any other provider. 

    Are you ready for a better approach to production accounting? Ask yourself:

    1.  Do you wish you could minimize the data entry you or your teams have to enter?

    2.  Do you wish all of the backups for your project accounting were located in one place, so you wouldn’t need a dropbox or additional drives?

    3.  Is your crew exhausted by how many logins and websites they need to keep track of for each show?

    4.  Do you rely almost entirely on reports to garner the information you need…running the report, looking at the report, then realizing you chose the wrong parameters and trying again until you get the right one?

    5.  Has your team become full-time PDF managers instead of accountants?

    6.  Are you using automation, or a lot of physical intervention to manage approvals?

    7.  Is your team spending tons of time tracking down the producer or UPM to get them to physically sign checks?

    8.  Are your clerks stuck on high-volume data processing and data entry tasks when they could focus on learning other tasks, growing, and being trained, so they can progress in their careers more quickly and be a better resource for their department in the future?

    If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time to make a change.
    You’re ready for GreenSlate’s all-in-one production accounting and payroll app. 



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