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    3 Approval Flows You Can't Live Without (And Why They Matter)

    Approval flows. You love them. Or maybe you don't love them so much, but do the best you can to set them up and maintain them in the most efficient way possible. 

    Without our all-in-one app solution, prepping for approval routing is time consuming and attention to details is tedious. Finding things and knowing where they are in the approval flow is almost impossible. And if something gets rejected, the whole file might need to be redone.

    Without GreenSlate, production accountants face having to scan docs, add approval blocks and coding. 

    To start tackling these challenges there's three approval flows you absolutely can't live without. This according to our SVP, Head of Accountant Relations, Brett Gantt

    Here Brett shows you why they're key, and GreenSlate's Director of Digital Success, Laura Walton explains how easy it is to do in GreenSlate.



    Want to see more? You can watch the full 30-minute webinar on simplifying approval flows here

    You can also follow GreenSlate on LinkedIn for regular updates, news, tips and tricks. 

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