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    Carbon-Neutral '24 Hours of Reality' Backed by GreenSlate

    24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves, broadcasted in over 750 million homes from stages around the world, live in every time zone around the clock for 24 hours, explores how fossil fuels and climate change are creating unique health risks that threaten the wellness of families and communities all over the world.

    The event encourages people to be a part of the climate change conversation, to start talking about the climate crisis and what they can do to solve it.


    24 Hours of Reality is unlike anything most people in the entertainment industry work on. Productions in general are notoriously wasteful, but the '24 Hours of Reality' team does everything they can to reduce the environmental footprint of the production as much as possible. While talking about climate action on stage, the team is putting those words into action behind the scenes.

    Peter Green, an Executive Producer at ShoulderHill Entertainment, explains that “I think it is important to walk the walk, if you're gonna talk the talk. We're an industry where we come in and we set up in a place like this. We bring everything in. And our goal is, when we're done, it's like "no trace camping," you don't want anyone to know you were here.”

    To “walk the walk,” 24 Hours of Reality implemented an ISO 20121 strategy, which, according to Jamie Nack, Sustainability Advisor for the Climate Reality Project, is “the highest level, the international standard for sustainable event management.”

    ISO 20121 addresses all stages of an event’s supply chain and offers a practical, flexible approach, which means that it can be used for all types of events, from large-scale projects like 24 Hours of Reality to music festivals and school outings. Every action counts, from relying on tap water instead of plastic bottles to encouraging use of public transportation.

    24 Hours of Reality is a 100% plastic water bottle free event. Every time a person checks-in and gets their credential, they also receive a refillable, recycled aluminum water bottle. They use that water bottle the whole time they're on set and they take it with them. A lot of items that you see on stage or in the set are reused back at a prop house, but any items that may have been purchased just for the set, are repurposed, like some very minimal amounts of wood that were picked up by a local Habitat for Humanity for a house build.

    According to Nack, “We make sure that any type of disposable items, if we must use them, they're compostable and we have an active waste diversion plan: collecting compost, recyclables, and very minimal landfill. All those types of things are taken into consideration, to make sure that we're reducing the environmental footprint of the production as much as possible.”

    The team also used GreenSlate’s digital production payroll solutions to save resources. Kama Kaina, Executive in Charge of Production, said it was “amazing” that they did not have to print one paper for one timecard, one purchase order, or one crew start form.

    GreenSlate’s in-app eco tracker allows productions to track the amount of resources saved by using our digital solutions; by using GreenSlate, 24 Hours of Reality saved 1,122 sheets of paper, 3,366 gallons of water, and 12.75 pounds of carbon.

    GreenSlate is proud to have been a part of the team supporting ShoulderHill Entertainment and The Climate Reality Project.

    A recent GreenSlate study of over 500 entertainment industry professionals found that 93% of professionals agree they can benefit from digital solutions, but the industry is currently driven by opposing forces. Every production can take steps to contribute to a more sustainable future, and digital solutions can help.

    How can this enthusiasm for digital solutions translate into action? Read our ‘Evolution of the Production Office’ report for our takeaways and recommendations. Join us in our efforts to encourage digital adoption and bring much needed cultural change to the entertainment industry.

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