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    'Secret Chef': Finally, A New Take On The Food Show Formula

    So Hulu dropped the first season of the new food reality competition show Secret Chef on June 29th and it's… different. But the good kind of different, not the “why did they make this?” kind of different.

    Created by celebrity chef and executive producer David Chang, Secret Chef puts a new spin on a cooking competition. There are no judges and the contestants secretly vote each other off of the show themselves. 


    Rather than explain it, check out the trailer to see what we mean. 


    Interesting, right? 


    It isn’t really about the best chef making the best food, but more of a game show where there’s actual strategy involved. 


    In an interview with Mashed, Chang said his inspiration for Secret Chef was that “almost all the food shows, the plot lines, et cetera, have already been done. There's almost nothing new for the audience…” 


    Chang wanted something new.


    He also said he “wanted to get a bunch of fun, interesting people from all walks of life with differing skill sets, and it was important that somebody that may not be super skillful could still win this game.”


    Contestants like Anthony Langston fit the bill perfectly. Langston introduced himself in the first episode as “a home cook — and I’m a cheesemonger by day — and a bartender by night.”


    Langston, who lives in Denton, Texas, is one of 10 diverse contestants vying to win the $100,000 prize.


    You can stream Secret Chef on Hulu now. 

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