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    20 Reasons Why One App Is Better for Production Payroll and Accounting

    The pandemic brought an increased focus to remote capabilities and digital solutions, and the demand for these solutions is not slowing down.

    GreenSlate is the only all-in-one app for production payroll and accounting. It helps productions reduce their footprint, improve their day-to-day workflows to save time, and maintain business continuity in case of emergencies.

    If you’re tired of working around different systems or trying to piece together electronic signature apps, fillable PDFs, digital approval stamps, third-party document storage systems, etc., switch to the one app solution.

    GreenSlate client productions don’t need multiple applications that “integrate” and talk to each other, because everything is already built all in one app to enable productions to work in an efficient and sustainable way.

    Here’s the rundown on why one app is better:

    1. Built from the ground up to be a single platform with one database.
    2. Designed to support remote digital end-to-end workflows from onboarding to post all within one web-based app.
    3. You have more control to customize access and set up automatic approval flows.
    4. Designate approvers by person or by role, indicate the order of approvers, indicate whether an approver can be skipped, designate who needs to sign, and set up conditional approval steps based on amounts.
    5. Notifications throughout the process help keep everything on track.
    6. All digital signatures. Digital approvals with history tracking allow you to easily collect all signatures digitally.
    7. Create and bill POs in one app. Quickly generate and email PDFs, including backup documentation, directly from the app.
    8. APIs feed real-time data to your corporate systems. When data flows seamlessly from one system to another, your entire organization can operate more efficiently.
    9. The Chart of Accounts Mapper automatically maps your production’s Chart of Accounts to a studio or network’s Chart of Accounts.
    10. Audit trails/backup are all automated.
    11. One login for everything. Data feeds directly to the General Ledger from any part of the app - no logging in and out from one module to another.
    12. Seamless user experience - all modules in a single app use the same interface.
    13. Secure multi-factor authentication. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensures that your account/personal information is protected by requiring additional passcode authorization when signing in on a new device.
    14. Filter the Chart of Accounts and General Ledger information without exporting.
    15. Production teams only need to learn how to use one app.
    16. Crew-friendly app available on mobile (both iOS and Android) for easy usage from anywhere.
    17. Empower the crew to submit purchase orders, check requests, petty cash advance requests, petty cash envelope submittals, and more from their own devices.
    18. Self-service crew access to paystubs and tax forms - crew can help themselves anytime.
    19. Less data entry. When everything is handled on the same platform, you don’t have to input timecard hours, then export them to your Hours to Gross (HTG) system, then export them again to your payroll provider.
    20. Stored data can be carried over to future projects, so you never have to enter the same data twice.
    GreenSlate’s efficient, all-in-one digital solution enables a spectrum of impactful business upgrades, while also ensuring your workflows are resilient to whatever challenges this changing world throws your way. Check out our on-demand demo or contact us to learn how we can help you meet your production’s goals.
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