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    GreenSlate Debuts Another Tool to Expedite Your New York State Tax Credit Application

    With our best-in-class GreenSlate Accounting Software (GSA), generating New York State tax credit forms is a snap.

    Beginning in 2018, the NYS Film Office added the Workforce Utilization Report to the Final Application Template Book, available here:  Film - Final Application Template Book. The report is a summary of production employees and their days worked, categorized by their race and gender.

    GreenSlate's enterprise accounting software now automatically prepares and populates this report for you, along with your requested Employment Report.

    Besides generating these two reports for the NYS Film Tax Credit Application, our GSA also produces your Budget Cost Qualifier (BCQ):

    1. Click the “Tax Credits” button on the GSA dashboard
    2. Link your accounts to the NYS Chart of Accounts
    3. Click the “Excel” button

    The video below offers a handy how-to guide to generating NYS tax credit forms. 



    If you have any questions or need additional support, contact, or start a live chat at

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