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    The Verdict Is In: Netflix and Jax Media's 'Partner Track' is a Hit

    Partner Track is now streaming on Netflix.


    Official Plot Summary:
    At an elite NYC law firm, Ingrid Yun fights to make partner — and hold onto her principles — while balancing romance, friends and family expectations.

    Directed by:
    Kevin Berlandi
    Adam Brooks
    Lily Mariye
    Julie Anne Robinson
    Tanya Wexler

    Produced by:
    Michael Amodio - producer
    Kristen Campo - executive producer
    Antoine Douaihy - co-executive producer
    Sarah Goldfinger - executive producer
    Tony Hernandez - executive producer
    Georgia Lee - co-executive producer / executive producer
    Kim Shumway - executive producer
    John Skidmore - producer
    Molly McMillen - producer
    Julie Anne Robinson - executive producer

    Arden Cho
    Alexandra Turshen
    Bradley Gibson

    In the Media:

    “In a year of book-to-TV adaptations, Partner Track is a standout … this is a legal drama that is endearing and suspenseful from beginning to end.”- Justine Kraemer, Tell-Tale TV

    Watch the trailer here.

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