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    A24’s Netflix Series 'Beef' Scores High Rank on 'Best New TV & Streaming Shows of 2023' List

    The dark comedy road rage thriller Beef, starring Steven Yuen and Ali Wong colliding in a tense duel of back-and-forth escalatory revenge, has won over both critics and audiences alike. 

    Three weeks after premiering, Beef still sits at a 98% ‘certified fresh’ critic rating and 86% fresh audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and ranks fourth on RT's Best New TV & Streaming Shows of 2023 list. 

    It’s been called a comedy about “the misery of having it all” by Variety, and “one of Netflix’s best shows ever” by Mashable. 

    The idea for Beef came from creator Lee Sung Jin’s own run in with road rage while stuck in LA traffic according to THR.

    The show didn’t become a reality until he sat down with A24’s head of television, Ravi Nandan, and told him the story. Lee told THR he wasn’t even pitching anything to Nandan, but that he “...really encouraged me to explore this further, so we wouldn’t be here without that.”

    Yuen and Wong stepped in to help bring Lee’s vision to life as Executive Producers for the series. Which according to Yuen, “what was so important about being an EP is being able to really have a say, to really be able to lend some truth and authenticity to the depth of our characters.”

    Watch Yuen and Wong break down a scene from Beef shot by shot:


    Netflix viewers are already calling for them both to get Emmy awards. Based on the reviews and critical acclaim so far, we’d say that’s not an unreasonable expectation. 

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