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    GreenSlate Launches Digital Purchase Orders

    In GreenSlate’s latest effort to provide best-in-class payroll software and solutions for our clients, we’re excited to announce the launch of digital purchase orders.

    Not only are they a more accurate, trackable, user-friendly option than traditional POs—making partially completed, often illegible paper purchase orders virtually obsolete—but they also offer a wide array of additional benefits designed to streamline the PO process.

    GreenSlate’s digital POs are:

    • Applicable to any type of production accounting transaction
    • Easily integrated with your vendors, account codes, and other coding
    • Completely customizable in terms of approval flow—you can select as many steps and approvals as you like
    • Simple to submit from desktop or mobile
    • Safely stored and organized electronically
    • Exportable to a PDF format that includes your company name, logo, and address
    • Sustainable—they eliminate paper waste, saving trees (and water), as well as hours of data entry

    A quick video overview of the digital PO process is below.




    You can sign up to use digital POs by contacting the GreenSlate support team at A support specialist will then discuss your current approval process with you and facilitate your transition to paperless. As always, our team is available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

    Whether you’re an existing GreenSlate client or new to GreenSlate, you can schedule a demo to learn more about digital POs by contacting us at  

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