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    7 Can't Miss Films Premiering At Tribeca Film Festival 2024

    This year's Tribeca Film Festival 2024 kicking off on June 5th and running through June 16th has a phenomenal slate of films making their world or New York premiers. 

    Here's seven of them you'll definitely want to keep on your radar. 

    Quad Gods

    Documentary competition

    Quad Gods Tribeca Film Festival 2024

    "Richard, Blake and Prentice are three New York men with quadriplegia who meet at a Mount Sinai neurological rehabilitation center and later decide to form the first all quadriplegic esports gaming team, calling themselves the Quad Gods. Utilizing adaptive devices to help them access gaming technology, the Quad Gods quickly become fierce competitors while forming a close bond of friendship and support. But gaming is more than just a hobby for them — it’s actually part of a cutting edge neurological rehab process that helps engage the brain in new ways as part of their recovery." -

    All That We Love

    Spotlight Narrative

    All That We Love Tribeca Film Festival 2024

    "Following the death of her family dog, Emma (Margaret Cho) finds herself at a crossroads where grief and release play together: a midlife awakening is now in full throttle, and those closest to Emma feel the impact, including her best friend Stan (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and her rambunctious daughter Maggie (Alice Lee). To make matters more complicated and ripe for comedic mishaps, Emma's estranged ex-husband Andy (Kenneth Choi) returns to the city from Singapore down on his professional luck and aiming to rekindle things with his lost love." -

    Between The Temples

    Spotlight Narrative

    Between The Temples Tribeca Film Festival 2024

    "Ben (Jason Schwartzman), a young widower reeling from the sudden death of his wife, lives at home with his meddling mothers who not-so-subtly push him to start dipping a toe back into the dating scene. As a cantor at the local synagogue, suddenly a sense of purpose and unexpected connection shows up in the form of Carla (Carol Kane), his septuagenarian elementary school music teacher who yearns to become a bat mitzvah. While he initially balks at the idea, Carla’s off-kilter yet refreshing takes on the world prove to be the shake-up he needs to start participating in his own life. Their work studying Torah morphs into a friendship that begins to bleed into the personal as they find surprising solace in each other’s presence." -


    Spotlight Narrative

    Daddio Tribeca Film Festival 2024

    "On a late night drive from JFK Airport to Midtown Manhattan, a young woman (Dakota Johnson) and her cab driver (Sean Penn) start talking. The usual pleasantries and jokes soon turn into a game between the two strangers as they exchange stories about important people in their lives. As their conversation unravels, secrets are revealed, advice is shared and a genuine bond is forged. At times funny, sexy, tense and deeply heartfelt, this chance encounter impacts both in ways neither could’ve ever imagined." -

    The Shallow Tale of a Writer Who Decided to Write About a Serial Killer

    Spotlight Narrative

    The Shallow Tale of a Writer Who Decided to Write about a Serial Killer Tribeca Film Festival 2024

    "In this darkly comedic tale, a struggling writer (John Magaro) finds his life taking a bizarre turn when he befriends a retired serial killer (Steve Buscemi) who becomes his unlikely marriage counselor and muse. As the writer grapples with his second novel and a crumbling marriage to his disillusioned wife (Britt Lower), the former killer reluctantly offers guidance on both matters, leading to a series of twists and turns that blur the lines between reality and fiction.

    With a talented cast delivering engaging performances, this film offers a fresh take on familiar tropes and subverts expectations of both the comedy and serial killer genres." –– Jarod Neece,

    Group Therapy


    Group Therapy Neil Berkeley Tribeca Film Festival 2024

    "We see a set being built — walls put up to construct a makeshift therapist’s office. Some people walk onto the set and get prepped in makeup chairs. A small audience gathers and sits in an intimate space with chairs lined up in a circle. Neil Patrick Harris leads a few people — a group of comedians — inside the space, and as the comedians sit down and take their places, Harris, with a smile, addresses the room, 'Well…who wants to start?'"

    Filmmaker Neil Berkeley (Gilbert, TF 2017) returns to Tribeca with another nuanced exploration of comedy — a hilarious and surprisingly honest look at mental health through the testimonies from many of today’s most talented comic performers. Anchored by Harris as a moderator, Group Therapy foregrounds candid and humorous conversations between Mike Birbiglia, Nicole Byer, Gary Gulman, London Hughes, Tig Notaro and Atsuko Okatsuka. Berkeley implements a clever framing of this ensemble narrative as we listen in on the comedians bravely revealing the connections between their professional comedy journeys and mental health struggles.

    Toggling effectively between refreshing moments of levity and self-reflexive ruminations, Group Therapy is precise in its emotional nuance and its application of the comedians’ wit to tackle a necessary conversation on mental wellness. –– Jose Rodriguez,

    Color Book


    Color Book Tribeca Film Festival 2024

    "Following his wife's recent passing, single father Lucky finds himself navigating the challenges of raising his son Mason, who has Down syndrome. Mason is an exuberant 11-year-old boy who enjoys drawing in his color book and watching baseball with his dad. Seeking solace, Lucky and Mason embark on a journey across Metro Atlanta to attend their first baseball game together. Throughout their day-long trip, they encounter Murphy's Law. From car breakdowns to missed trains, the duo faces a series of obstacles that test their relationship. Despite the setbacks, they persevere, determined to reach the game. Together, Lucky and Mason learn that healing does not await them at the mountaintop, but can be found with every step along the path. Color Book highlights the strength and resilience that emerge from Lucky and Mason’s bond, while exploring the myriad of experiences that may come from raising a child with Down syndrome. Its beauty lies is in its simplicity: an intimate, moving portrait of a father and son sure to inspire a range of emotions." –– Bryce Norbitz,

    ➡️ Here's the full lineup of films at Tribeca Film Festival 2024.


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